• What type of projector do I need?

We recommend that if you are using it indoors, then use a 600-1500 lumens. If you are using it outdoors, then use a 800-2000 lumens. A rear projection 1000-2000 lumens will be best.

  • Should I use HD?

Yes. Use high resolution works well with our screens.

  • Can I order replacement parts for my outdoor screens?

Yes. Please go to https://oegscreens.com/collections/parts

  • Is it okay to leave it set up outside in the wind and/or rain?

Try to keep them out of the rain so they won’t get dirty. If they do get dirty you can wash using soap and water. High winds can damage the frame. 

  • How long can my screen be set up for?

We do not recommend leaving them set up for long periods of time. The UVA and UVB rays will break down the material faster. Cover or take it down to prolong the life.

  • What is the gain on the movie screens?

The screen gain is 1.1, which is the same the reflectivity of light.

  • What is the frame made out of?

1 in. diameter, 18 gauge powder coated steel tubing.

  • How do you get wrinkles out of the screen?

You can use a steamer, with only distilled water. Hard water will leave stains.

  • Why is there light coming through my rear projection screen, like pinholes?

The projector should be beneath the screen at an angle pointing up toward the screen. If needed the black backing can be positioned down below the screen to prevent any light from coming between the screen and ground,

  • What is the warranty on movie screens?

1-year manufacturing defects (provided pictures.) Does not cover weather, tears or mold.